• Living and Leading from the Inside Out.

  • Jumping into the Parade

  • Your story has the power to positively impact and serve other people.

  • Do not let an event define you.

  • There is no such thing as failure, only experiences.

  • We live more powerful lives through our weakness, not our strengths.

  • Orient everything in your life from YOUR truth.

  • Vulnerability leads to authenticity. Authenticity leads to real growth.

A Personal Journey to a Joyful and Fulfilling Life

Some of you reading this may have lives that don’t feel very stable. If the slightest thing shakes, everything around you will begin to topple like dominoes. For others, those symbolic tiles already lie in chaos at your feet. And still others of you are not really sure of your foundation. If any of this describes your reality, this book is for you. I’m writing this book to tell you my story; but also, I hope to help you with yours. Learn from my experiences. Use my mistakes. Embrace my lessons. Reframe your own story.

Finding Joy

True growth and genuine joy are often found – at least initially – outside one’s comfort zone. Jumping into the parade is about following that something inside that wants to come into existence. It is up to each of us to create our own experience, our day, and our life. It’s up to us to discover the joy that awaits us in life, but we don’t have to undertake this task alone. Help is always there.

Achieving Success

Jumping Into the Parade is about breaking out of the normal pattern so that each of us can live differently on a daily basis. Living differently and living successfully requires an honest approach and being willing to do the work to complete the process. With this book as a guide, a new success can be yours.

Living in a Joy-Based Reality

Choosing to stop believing in lies and half-truths, eliminating the word “depressed” from one’s vocabulary and, more importantly, from one’s daily reality is not an easy task. But, by adopting a new reality based on joy, one can move from victim to victor. Each of us has the power to reframe our lives, and turn adversity into opportunities.

Embracing Compassion

All of us have life experiences that contribute to our effectiveness in reaching and helping others, because all of us relate to messages differently. We can hear a message several times from different people and never “get it” until we finally hear it from that one person who shares it from just the right perspective that connects to our own experiences. The light bulb goes on, and we finally internalize the message.

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  • A real-life story of redemption, Jumping into the Parade is a call to action for us all to live our lives more consciously. Every reader will learn something from this book.

    Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager and Lead Like Jesus

  • You won’t find many authors as vulnerable, forthright, and real as Tim Brown. This book teaches us that we are all broken and beautiful—and the only way to find true joy and love is to put all our eggs in our “Faith, Family, and Friends” basket.

    Tommy Spaulding, New York Times best-selling author of It’s Not Just Who You Know

  • Jumping into the Parade is a powerful read. The words, stories, and language used in this book are evolutionary in nature. From my view, it is rare for a business leader of Tim Brown’s caliber to throw down the gauntlet on the truth. This book is real, and the lessons are liberating on every level, for anyone interested in living a more powerful and authentic life.

    Stephen McGhee, visionary leadership guide and author of Climb to Freedom: 7 Men Journey from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

  • Tim Brown’s book should be recommended reading for everyone, but particularly for those who are at a crossroads in life when the next steps they will take are so critical. Coming to grips with the unaddressed questions in life is something we all have in common. Tim masterfully guides us toward greater fulfillment through his own story of triumph.

    Philip Anschutz, The Anschutz Corporation

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